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exhibition and auction of masters of Polish photography - 15th edition of FOTOGRAFIA KOLEKCJONERSKA



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od 07 lis 2015 do 17 lis 2015



ul. Mysia 3, 3rd floor


opening: 7.11.2015, 6:00 pm

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Witkacy, Hiller, Rydet, Lewczyński, Horowitz, Niedenthal and others. Once again, the masters of Polish photography are exhibited in Warsaw during the 15th edition of Fotografia Kolekcjonerska. The exhibition was opened on 7 November and, traditionally, will be rounded off with an auction of all the items. In the fringe programme there was a very special Collector’s Evening in the National Museum in Warsaw - Laura Noble delivered a lecture „The Art of Collecting Photography Today”!


Fotografia Kolekcjonerska is the only event in Poland that combines a biannual auction of Polish masters of photography with a pre-auction show. Each of the artists has a special position in the history of Polish photography. Their works are an expression of their individual artistic search driven by a desire to record reality, preserve memory, comment on crucial social or existential issues, or the need to experiment with form and create new worlds. Often, the works are a peculiar reflection of the artists’ times, the people they met or meet or their personal experiences. Hence the diversity of the styles and themes of the works.

This time, we present, among others, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) posing during one of his famous photographic sessions in Zakopane; an extremely rare heliograph by Karol Hiller dating back to the 1930s; one of the most important photographs by Jerzy Kosiński, 'Man Before His Work', and an early portrait of Natalia LL, made by Paweł Pierściński in Bulgaria in 1967. Edward Hartwig's photographs are shown next to 'A Portrait with a Rose' taken by his wife Helena Hartwig and showing their daughter Ewa. Ryszard Horowitz and his work is represented by the iconic image of 'Jaclyn Smith', while the Polish film star Beata Tyszkiewicz, a symbol of beauty and elegance, appears in an extraordinary fashion session produced by Bogdan Łopieński. Viewers are likely to be intrigued by the pictures of the legendary 'Świat' weekly photojournalists – Jan Kosidowski, Wiesław Prażuch, and Konstanty Jarochowski. Zofia Rydetis featured too, with pieces from her renowned body of works 'Sociological Record'. Younger generation artists is represented, among others, by Ilona Szwarc – with her portrait of Lexi from the series 'American Girls', and by Joanna Piotrowska – with a diptych from her book 'Frowst', which won the prestigious First Book Award in 2014.


The list of artists featured this year include: Stefan Arczyński, Karol Beyer, Jan Bułhak, Michał Cała, Benedykt Jerzy Dorys, Bogdan Dziworski, Marek Gardulski, Teresa Gierzyńska, Edward Hartwig, Helena Hartwig, Henryk Hermanowicz, Karol Hiller, Ryszard Horowitz, Magda Hueckel, Zuzanna Janin, Marcin Jastrzębski, Konstanty Jarochowski, Krzysztof Kamiński, Maria Kietlińska, Jan Kosidowski, Jerzy Kosiński, Andrzej Kramarz, Paweł Kwiek, Andrzej Lachowicz, Jerzy Lewczyński, Natalia LL, Bogdan Łopieński, Chris Niedenthal, Marek Piasecki, Paweł Pierściński, Joanna Piotrowska, Julia Pirotte, Henryk Poddębski, Wiesław Prażuch, Grzegorz Przyborek, Tadeusz Przypkowski, Józef Robakowski, Tadeusz Rolke, Eva Rubinstein, Sławomir Rumiak, Tadeusz Rydet, Zofia Rydet, Zygmunt Rytka, Bronisław Schlabs, Mikołaj Smoczyński, Stanisław Szukalski, Ilona Szwarc, Andrzej Świetlik, Tadeusz Wański, Ryszard Waśko, Antoni Wieczorek, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Stanisław J. Woś, Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka, Paweł Żak.

One of our goals is to promote collecting photography in Poland. Hence our side events, which include, this time, a course for beginner collectors and a Collector's Evening with the lecture of Laura Noble – 'The Art of Collecting Photography Today'.

Laura Noble is a well-known collector of photography, lecturer, curator and author of texts including the book „The Art Of Collecting Photography”, and the Director of L A Noble Gallery in London. She lectures on all aspects of collecting photography, professional and gallery practice worldwide. Laura is a visiting lecturer at several universities, including Westminster University, Falmouth University, Rochester UCA and is a regular lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute in London. As an avid collector Laura prides herself on discovering new talent, championing the medium and offering advice to photographers through consultation. She has been a juror for many competitions, recently the Julia Margaret Cameron Award and New York Centre for Photographic Art ‘Macro’ competition. She is a reviewer at Rencontres d’Arles in France. Her blog has a global following with personal thoughts and opinions on the art world and art practice. As a result of her passion she has become a known tastemaker on the photography circuit.


Fotografia Kolekcjonerska is the only regular auctioning event dedicated exclusively to photography. Since its first edition in 2007, we have offered collectors a diversity of works by leading Polish artists. Traditionally, the items shown at the pre-auction exhibition will be unique prints made using a variety of techniques. The event will be accompanied by a carefully prepared bilingual catalogue with artist bios, photo descriptions and reproductions of all the works.


Curator and coordinator: Katarzyna Sagatowska

Curatorial collaboration: Maga Sokalska


Media patronage: Arteon, Contemporary Lynx, contra doc!, Dom & Wnętrze, Esquire,, Harper's Bazaar, Label, MALEMEN, Rzeczpospolita, Radio TOK FM, Trendy Art of Living, TVP Kultura, TVP Warszawa.


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